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Hi my name is Greg Swift, and I love to bet on the football.

With the upcoming 2016/17 season upon us I wanted to make a special offer, not just to football fans but to fans of making a killing at the bookies.

You don’t even have to like football to cash in with my strategy.


I tell you exactly what to bet on, how much to bet each time and all you do is copy my bets.

Then sit back and watch as we land winner after winner.

Now, a lot of my betting will be on the Premier League, so if you follow a team and disagree with a pick, take off those rose coloured spectacles and place the damn bet.

This is the major thing that stops football punters profiting, especially when they back their own team. Even when they back against their own team.

I simply read the form…


There’s a special key to form reading in football, a key I have and a key I will share with no man, woman or child. It makes me profit and I’m willing to share that profit with you today.


Want to profit with me through the 2016/17 season?

The first 100 people to sign up get TOTAL FREE ACCESS.

Every bet, every weekend, for free!

After the first 100 are in, the next 100 will pay £50 each for access.

I may take another 100 at £100 for the season but for now, I think 200 members through the start of the season would be plenty.

So, want 1 of only 100 places for free?


Greg Swift

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